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My sister took December 2013 -__-

We couldn’t be more different from one another and yet love each other more. It really is so nice to go to work because it’s like little sister, big sister, middle sister. We all have different interests and different things, so we’re never competing for the same stuff. There’s no jealousy, there’s no fighting, it’s just getting to work with really great girls and that’s all it is so I couldn’t be more happy. -Shay Mitchell

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♛Queen of Glam

"It’s important to be open."
“Open to what?”
“Changes in your life, mainly. I’ve always been a planner. So it’s very difficult for me to handle things that don’t go as planned. But I’m learning to accept that unplanned events— even negative ones, can lead to positive changes.”
“What happened that you weren’t planning for?”
“Well, I didn’t marry the man I thought I was going to marry.”
“Why not?”
“He cheated and had a kid. We had a house and everything. But you know what? That horrible event created a domino effect that brought me to New York, and introduced me to a new life, and a new group of friends that I never would have known otherwise.”